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Be on a clear path to manage your migration from legacy to new applications or platforms. The expertise required to modernize applications so enterprises can accelerate time-to-market and reduce development costs. From holistic, cloud-native architecture, flexible data stores, or built-in monitoring capabilities, we will help you clarify how to power and protect your organization.

Supporting the integration of new functionalities, Web Application Modernization services range from re-platforming, re-hosting, recoding, re-architecting, re-engineering, interoperability, replacement, and retirement, as well as changes to application architecture. FiveminutesSST has proven expertise and a portfolio of services that helps our client’s web portal strategy. Web app development involves web backend or API development, Cloud services, UX engineering, and DevOps to automate deployment.
We have been web applications on microservices architecture across technology stacks like Java, NodeJS, and MS Dot Net. As part of our digital offerings, we have the expertise to assist you all the way from prototype development to getting the app live on the cloud. FiveminutesSST has worked with startups and enterprises and has a tailor-made engagement model and development methodology that suits their specific needs.

Drive your application
Drive Your Application Transformation

Set a clear path for the full transformation of applications, reconfigurations, communication services, code changes, software development, and database transformation, and tap into true SaaS enablement and performance.

Business capability
Modernize Your Business Capabilities

Modernization of complex, aging application portfolios may focus on the oldest platforms rather than the most valuable capabilities. Design, plan, and budget your transformation agenda through the entire life cycle of your solutions.

Building app
Accelerate innovation by building apps in the cloud

Gain speed without compromising security or quality by embracing Microsoft cloud-native approaches like serverless, microservices, and Kubernetes solutions.

The benefits of modernizing legacy IT systems

Modernized IT systems can be changed faster, enhancing the agility of your business so it can respond more quickly to market dynamics.


Engagement enhances when you give everyone a better user experience and provide a platform for increased productivity, creativity, and innovation.

Cost Optimization

The Azure enables you to explore and exploit opportunities far more rapidly and at a much lower entry cost. The outsourced cloud also allows the switching of the budget model from Capex to Opex.


Azure, is recognizing the importance of customers achieving compliance with regulatory bodies by introducing new compliance updates and guidelines. Data


Enterprises always store, retrieve, and analyze massive amounts of data and with the emergence of IoT and big data, the task is more challenging than ever. Microsoft Azure offers an extended arm for storing and retrieving the large enterprise data