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cloud readiness assessment is a process where an organization looks at its resources and IT environment and determines if it is capable of migrating to the cloud. … An organization that has ensured it is ready to migrate and has formulated a plan on how to do so can reduce the time and money it takes to migrate.

Infrastructure Assessment

A cloud readiness assessment is a process, involving an itemized list of applications and data that you want to move to the cloud and whether these can be moved with minimal impact on your business operations, as the transition proceeds.

Data Centers Assessment

Whether you’re looking to optimize your resources, to reduce your data center risk, or to prepare for hybrid computing—or to accomplish all three—our cloud and data center assessments provide actionable insights about your environment so you can deliver better a digital experience for your users.

Hybrid Cloud Assessment

The Hybrid Cloud Assessment is the fastest way to start planning your cloud migration strategy.

Application Assessment

The expertise required to modernize applications so enterprises can accelerate time-to-market and reduce development costs. From holistic, cloud-native architecture, flexible data stores, or built-in monitoring capabilities, we will help you clarify how to power and protect your organization.

Database Assessment

The ability to manage databases in-house is inadequate. The key advantages to cloud database migration are availability, scalability, reliability, and cost. The cloud infrastructure is scalable, and no Capex investment is needed. Businesses are generally very open to database migration if security concerns are addressed satisfactorily.

Security Assessment

It is a series of defined policies, processes, controls, and technology governing all information exchanges that happen in collaborative cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) applications like Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite.