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Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) programs are known for providing talent acquisition services for both professional and non-professional positions that solve scalability, cost, efficiency, quality and many other recruiting challenges. RPO providers are subject-matter-experts; talent acquisition is their core competency. They know how to navigate the recruiting environment while utilizing expertise, innovative technology and key performance indicators and have the resources to scale recruiting capacity to meet hiring demands.

Time is money. And every day a company goes without filling a position is a day that company is not operating at maximum capacity. Through clearly defined processes and deep specialization, RPO solutions can dramatically reduce cost-per-hire, time-to-hire, and attrition, plus measurably improve quality of hire, reporting, and scalability, delivering you a far greater return on investment


Reduced Recruiting Costs

Many companies spend a lot of money on head-hunters and job boards, or waste a lot of money through high turnover rates. With other companies, time is simply wasted in lengthy hiring processes or outdated (or a lack of) technology. Shri Sai Tech (SST) RPO Services streamlines the multi-step process of recruitment, thereby saving you a significant amount of money by using our software for application tracking and management.

Less burden on HR Department

Employing SST RPO Services will ease the strain on the human resources department and significantly improve its efficiency and productivity. When all aspects of recruiting are channelled through an us, HR will be free to entirely focus on tackling internal issues arising within the organization.

Providing access to an exclusive talent pool

Being in the business for several years, we have developed a detailed, extensive database of hard to find personnel needed to fill crucial job positions. When coupled with our exclusive access to these highly coveted talents, it enable our client companies to secure the services of in-demand candidates more easily


HR departments are being asked to do more with less. Our solutions have the flexibility to react and respond in size, shape and scale in the face of changing hiring demands.


SST RPO Services understands that hiring volumes may fluctuate greatly due to both internal and external forces. Our customizable solutions allow you to scale your outsourcing up or down during high and low volume periods.

Employer Branding

SST RPO Services can help to develop and build your employer brand. As well as this, they can make sure your employer brand is effectively represented through the recruitment process and amplify it with an approach that focuses on the candidate experience.

Seamless Compliance

SST RPO Service’s rigorous processes ensure a legally compliant hiring process and streamlined responses to audits.