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Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications or other business elements to a cloud computing environment.

AWS Database Migration Service
Migrate your databases to AWS with minimal downtime More than 350,000 databases migrated using AWS Database Migration Service

Azure migration

5Minute-SST has helped 400+ customers accelerate migration, avoid common pitfalls, and meet security and compliance requirements.

GCP Migration

We provide you with a team of certified GCP experts to take operational tasks off your plate. As a Google Cloud Platform Partner, our services provide leading-edge management and optimization practices to ensure security, reduce Google Cloud costs, and improve availability.

Hybrid Cloud Migration

Your mission-critical applications need to be secure and available regardless of your cloud platform choice. 5Minute-SST has decades of experience helping customers develop tailored solutions to meet the challenges of today with a design for future success.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Making the decision to move to cloud-based disaster recovery seems like a no-brainer, however, companies must take a step back and consider what makes up an effective DRaaS solution.

Database Migration

Migrating your on-premises database to AWS or Azure can reduce the burden of database management, significantly cut licensing costs, and enable you to add storage capacity easily on demand.

Utilization and Consumption

With the use of the cloud over time, the IT environment of the cloud can be dragged away from its initial state of being optimized, resulting in a degraded security mechanism and undocumented and undesirable changes.