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It is impacting every corner of the business world, including organizations of all sizes, needs, and industries.


By delivering this computing, storage, and applications as a service, not a product, the cloud offers both a cost and business advantage.

Financial Services

Entering the cloud is the first step on this journey towards digital transformation. It enables banks to focus time previously spent running and maintaining costly IT infrastructure, on activities of greater importance to their customers.


In today’s world compliance is a basic requirement when working with health systems. Check that box faster with 5Minute-SST.


That’s a projection we’ve made in a Legal Business Report, titled The Next Five Years: Future of Legal Technology. The cloud is one of three key legal trends in the report that we forecast will have a considerable influence on the business of law in the near term.

Life Sciences

Most life sciences companies now face increasing consumer, portfolio, regulatory, and operating challenges on a daily basis as they carry on their search for innovative health solutions.

Media and Entertainment

Today’s consumers of media and entertainment content expect flexibility and choices. In addition, consumer demand is unpredictable, with spikes and surges in viewership that have to be dealt with in real-time

Public Sector

Cloud adoption has been on rising for decades and has now reached a level that we don’t see any ‘non-cloud IT environment around.


It is common knowledge that the retail industry across the globe is under severe pressure to keep their businesses running. Of all retailers, it has been store operators who have largely suffered due to the growth of online shopping as well as discount stores to an extent.

Small & Medium Business

The past five years have seen a gradual shift of mid-sized firms moving their IT to the cloud. Their reasons vary from a desire to modernize like their large firm counterparts to the need for certain cloud-only solutions, or the pursuit of the deep security afforded by public cloud providers.